Social Details That Case Officers Look at in Partner Visa Applications

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Whether you are in a heterosexual, same-sex, long-distance, or a de-facto relationship, you might be wondering how you can help a loved one become an Australian citizen. You will be glad to learn that Australia offers partner visas to people who are in a committed relationship with an Australian or permanent resident partner. However, not everyone is eligible for a partner visa, and only people who meet the requirements get their applications approved. One area the immigration department looks at before issuing a partner visa is proof of a committed relationship. This article highlights the crucial details of an applicant's social life that the immigration department focuses on. 

Applicant's Representation in Social Circles -- One question the immigration agency asks partner visa applicants is how they represent themselves in their social circles. This is essential since it helps create a picture of your relationship with the outside world. For instance, how do you introduce yourselves in a family gathering, among friends, or at a company party? Do you say you are a couple or very close friends? Your case officer will be be more likely to rule in your favor if you are clear about the nature of your relationship with your partner or sponsor. This increases the chances of your partner visa application being approved. 

Friends' Opinions of Your Relationship -- Most people believe that an immigration case officer only relies on an applicant's or sponsor's information regarding a relationship. However, nothing could be further from the truth because case officers reach out to friends and family members for opinions. Therefore, if your friends and acquaintances refer to your relationship as a friendship, the chances are higher that a case officer will reject your partner visa application. However, if your friends — via supporting statements in Form 888 — can attest that you have been a couple for as long as they have known you, then your application stands a better chance.

Joint Social Activities -- The immigration department understands that not every couple loves to flaunt their relationship in public. For example, introverted couples are rarely present in social gatherings, making it difficult to rely on friends' and acquaintances' statements. However, that does not mean that you cannot prove your commitment if you do not meet the previous requirements. A case officer will go further and find out whether you participate in activities together. Notably, a case officer must be convinced that you are doing the activities as an exclusive couple and not as platonic friends. The pictures on your social media platforms can be an excellent source for proof of your social activities.