3 Ways of Increasing the Chances of Getting an Australian Visitor's Visa

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If you are planning to visit a loved one in Australia, then you should know that the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives visitor visa applications in the thousands. While some applications are accepted, many others are rejected. Some solid reasons for rejection include fraud and ineligibility. However, that does not mean that application mistakes on the part of an applicant will receive a different treatment. Therefore, it is imperative for you to approach the visitor visa application process with the seriousness it deserves. It will help you to get the process right and increase the chances of having your application accepted. This article highlights three ways of improving your chances of getting an Australian visitor visa.

Be Honest 

There is no substitute for honesty when applying for a visitor visa to Australia. If the department finds out that you are dishonest with your application, then the consequences can be dire. You risk being banned from lodging further appeals, and this can affect future attempts. For instance, you might fail to mention a minor charge that happened out of forgetfulness. However, government departments share information, and you can be assured that the immigration department has access to all the data they need to process your visa application. Therefore, it is vital to disclose everything that relates to your identity for accurate character assessment.

Be Consistent 

Consistency with the information you provide during the application process determines whether your application goes through or not and how long it will take. The reason is that the Australian Immigration Department cross-checks every document you submit with government records, and any inconsistencies will lead to rejection or delay of your visitor visa application. Therefore, ensure that every bit of information you provide is consistent with previous application forms. Don't forget about your social media accounts because the department also checks your profile for inconsistencies. For example, if you are married but your social media page states that you are single, the department will raise this concern with you. While such inconsistencies might be unintended, it is advisable to anticipate and pre-empt the consequences.

Hire a Migration Agent

According to immigration lawyers, Australian migration laws are continually changing. Therefore, it is essential that visitor visa applicants hire the services of a qualified migration agent. Although they will charge for the services, migration agents are experts in the field and will, therefore, advise you on any changes to the Australian migrations laws. Unfortunately, most applicants handle the visa application process alone to save money and will only hire an agent when it is already too late. Nonetheless, it is better to spend money on an agent and increase the chances of success than to save cost and have your application rejected.