When do you need help from an immigration attorney?

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If you are living in the country without official documentation, you might find issues with the local legal system. In this case, you will need to visit the local immigration office and try to get permanent or semi-permanent residence. In some cases, you have a more complicated case and need help from an attorney. Here are some different situations that call for assistance from an immigration attorney.

You Are At Risk For Deportation

One of the more common reasons to contact an immigration attorney is if you are at risk for deportation. For example, you might have been living or visiting the country for a couple years with a work VISA, but that VISA expired. The immigration office can get notice of the expiration and track you down, then demand that you remedy the situation; otherwise you will be deported back to your home country. If you believe you are still eligible to remain in the country, you should get fast help from an attorney. They not only know the local laws regarding migration, but they can help you file for an extension until the matter is resolved.

The Paperwork Is Becoming Complicated

Any time you apply for a VISA, green card, or permanent residence, it requires a lot of paperwork. Even if the attorney just helps you with preparing the paperwork and applying for residence, it can be a huge help. The attorney will make sure all of the paperwork is filled out properly and will help you gather documentation required to prove you deserve to have your green card or continue living in this country. They will also inform you about additional paperwork or fees that might be required. If your paperwork gets returned to you, the attorney is able to help you figure out what the problem is.

You Are Having Difficulty Getting a Green Card

In other cases, you might be having difficulty being approved. First of all, you might be confused about the eligibility requirements for a green card and whether or not you might be able to get one. Some eligibility requirements can be a little complicated, so it helps to have an immigration attorney providing you with more in-depth information. You might have already applied for the green card or immigration benefit, which may have been denied. This doesn't necessarily mean you will never get a green card, but that you need to consult an attorney who can work with the immigration office to get you approved.

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